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NORRKÖPING A little smaller. A bit tougher. Very eastern and yet more international. Norrköping Film Festival celebrates 20 years and celebrates with 20 feature films and 18 short films. The festival is supposed to be a meeting place, most meeting is Filmnäringsdagen.

The artist Anna Odell opens Norrköping’s film festival on Thursday with his new feature film X & Y , which actually has Sweden premier first on Friday. A film about male and female identities, within the framework of a fictional film project. In studio-studded rooms, the actors with gender roles and characters play, Anna Odell and Mikael Persbrandt complement themselves with actors who point to Odell’s alternative Persbrand’s characteristics.


Operation Ragnarök
World premiere. Swedish dystopian action drama Operation Ragnarök has taken director Fredrik Hiller eight years to get ready. Appointed in Landskrona.


With 11 countries behind the 20 long films, broadcasting in subject choices and environments is promised. Svenska Operation Ragnarök has a world premiere. Other films include French Luna , The Teacher and Swagger , German Transit and Dutch Girl . In English, The Bookshop , comedy Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Wife, is featured .

Several films come from the Arabic language area. Rain of Homs is about love in the war Syria, Carpernaum is about 12-year-old Zain in Lebanon while Jalouse is a comedy. In addition, the documentary films Stronger Than a Bullet and Stitching Palestine are shown , where 12 Palestinian women hand in hand and tell their stories. From Turkey comes the drama film The wild-growing pear tree.

Some of the festival films are already film history. Let the right come in on Saturday and on Sundays, The Big Lebowski and Hitchcock’s Vertigo will be shown in Swedish A Study in Crime . If any Norrköpingsbo has not yet seen locally produced The Flower Time now, so beware now, last Friday night.

Stumfilm is also part of the film story. The music teacher Per Kolsgård renews the tradition of live music by improvising on synth and percussion to four silent films from the early 20th century on Saturday – Le Voyager Dance La Lune, The Great Train Robbery, Frankenstein and The Goat.


Said Zarwal
Engaged. Journalist Said Zarwal translates the film festival’s ads into other languages. In addition, he has influenced the film selection.


Behind the 20th anniversary of Norrköping’s film festival, Flimmer was called the Norrköping film studio at the start of 1954. It was centered around Harlekinen in the Art Museum. With the 1990’s students came a new commitment to a club on ice and smartly born the idea of ​​a film festival.

”Then the film rolls were spreading in the city,” recalls Flimmer’s treasurer Mårten Mellberg, who helped carry heavy film rolls to both the Little Theater, the Film City and the Hörsalen.

Now the film rolls are gone and that’s enough with the municipal cinema Cnema.

– Since then, the digital film has come. Everybody can see ”everything” on the streamed movie channels, commenting Mårten Mellberg and emphasizing that the association must respond to the changes with new ideas – the film festival as a meeting place.

The film festival wants to convey great movies from different parts of the world and win a new audience. The organizers press the festival as a meeting place and have launched the Cultural Portal, a collaboration between the Flimmer Film Association and the Hague City Portal.

Zaid Zarwal, Western Sahara journalist, is involved in the Culture Portal. He sees the opportunity to integrate people from different parts of society through Norrköping’s film festival.

”The festival is a great opportunity to meet and watch films from different countries,” said Said Zarwal.

He himself has lobbied for the short film Batallion , the first Western Sahara movie that is featured at Norrköping’s film festival.

”It’s about a Western Sahara girl who starts playing football at school. She dreams of becoming a military and freeing her country.


Girl. Belgian / Dutch film about Lara who wants to be ballet dancer but whose body was born as a boy. Double prized in Cannes.


Most of the short films are featured as feature films for the festival’s feature films. But on Saturday, there will be a mini-festival with four short Japanese films from ”ShortShorts Film Festival & Asia”, the same movies that were shown as outdoor cinema in August.

No less than ten eastern short films are shown as pre-films.

– It only boils of movies in Norrköping and Östergötland, emphasizes festival director Richard Follstedt.

Norrköping Film Nutrition Day is also part of the festival. During Friday afternoon, the lecturers dissolve each other, both industry professionals and film enthusiasts are welcome.

First out is actor Alexandra Rapaport and director Richard Holm, who talks about the relationship between actor and director during the work with the gangsman . Other downloads include recording sites, animation, small and big film projects.

Two interesting projects are Robert Melos and Kojan Films lavbug-film Epilog and the local game company Dimfrost Studios project Vaesen .

© Text: Ann-Charlotte Sandelin
© Photo: Ann-Charlotte Sandelin, Filmbolagen / Norrköping Film Festival

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