Pingstpastorn Denis Mukwege receives Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Prize this year, Gynecologist and Pentecostalist Denis Mukwege and human rights activist Nadia Murad for their struggle to stop sexualized violence in armed conflicts. The Nobel Committee, like previous years, has received strong criticism for some of its prize-winners, has been given a word of praise this year. ”I want to express my unjustified joy. I have been waiting for this for years, says Jack-Tommy Ardenfors.

Nobel Peace Prize is traded traditionally at the City Hall in Oslo, on the Nobel Day on December 10th. The prizes of this year are gynecologist and ping-pong tower Denis Mukwege from Congo-Kinshasa and Nadia Murad, a 25-year-old Yazid human rights activist from Iraq. Both get the prize for their efforts against sexual violence in armed conflicts. Nadia Murad succeeded in 2014 escaping the sexual assault of Islamic IS warriors in Mosul and joining Germany where she launched ”Nadia’s initiative” in 2015 that she informs the UN and the world’s countries about the cruelties that arise in armed conflicts with IS.

Incredible violence against women

Denis Mukwege, as a result, comes from the war-torn country of Congo-Kinshasa where civil wars over the years led to much violence and human suffering, resulting in numerous group violence. His work as a gynecologist at Panzis Hospital in Bukavu, eastern part of the country, impressed, among other things, Aftonblad journalist Staffan Lindberg, who wrote in an article: ”Nobody deserves the price more than he”
He continued his story by describing the extreme brutality that the women were exposed to: ”The violence against women had become part of the warfare, their bodies had become the battlefield of the men, the testimonies were so cruel they could barely reproduce. Nevertheless, it was not the violence that made the strongest impression. Without its opposite. Denis Mukwege was so much more than a doctor. The heat and love he radiated gave the women hope. He alone made them believe in a future, ”Lindberg wrote in Aftonbladet recently.

Close ties to Sweden

Jack-Tommy Ardenfors, one of the Swedish ping movement’s foreground figures for many years, has met the Nobel Prize winner on several occasions, both in Sweden and in Congo-Kinshasa.
”I feel him well, I dare say, I knew his parents in the 1970s when I was sent to Congo for the ping,” says Ardenfors, waiting for this message for a long time.
”I want to express my unjustified joy, I have been waiting for this for years, before, I have always been disappointed with the decision of the Nobel Committee, but now I became very happy and satisfied.
Denis Mukwege was born in 1955, his parents were pastors, and at an early age he was with his father and prayed for the sick.
– It was there as his call to become a doctor and a minister was born. He told his father that he wanted to be a doctor so that the father could pray for the sick and he would give them treatment and medication, ”says Jack-Tommy Ardenfors.
”Many congregations in Sweden had Congo on their hearts and sent help there for many years, I was last there 4 years ago when we celebrated the 90th anniversary. Then I was at Denis and his wife at their beautiful home. Today he is living under threat and has to spend his time in the fenced-in hospital.
The situation in the country is tense and Mukwege was almost killed in an assassination recently that killed one of his bodyguards.
”He has been offered professors in the United States and France but thanked no, because his call is to help his people,” says Ardenfors.

Price with long tradition

The Nobel Prize’s purpose according to Alfred Nobel’s testament is: ”Getting Mankind to the Most Beneficial” and the peace prize made him warm about his heart when he believed that his dynamite would lead to peace with the following explanation: ”When it is clear what power there are in explosives and skut and what damage they can achieve, they will refrain from using them. ”
Peace Prize Days are appointed in accordance with the will of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, consisting of five members appointed by the Storting. When Alfred Nobel, who became world famous and very wealthy on his inventions nitroglycerin and dynamite, died in San Remo in Italy in 1896, Sweden and Norway were in union and of these, Norway was considered a little peaceful at that time, therefore the price is shared there. Nobel built its fortunes on the production of explosives that are still being produced at Bofors’s plants in Karlskoga.

”A brilliant example”

Many times, Nobel Prizes have been controversial and sometimes acclaimed. Few have been so well received as the year’s peace prize winner Denis Mukwege. He is awarded the prize with the motivation: ”His work is a brilliant example of what courage, perseverance and support hope can bring about human rights and dignity, at a time when these values ​​seem to be the most remote.”



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